Introducing Milivié 1

An extremely limited production run of 22 cars

The Milivié 1 is a car that is instantly recognisable yet is a vehicle that has never been imagined. An iconic automobile that was created for the masses completely evolved into a machine for the very select few. Milivié is the brainchild of Jonathan Engler, an active, innovative artistic engineer with the vision to celebrate extinct German automotive icons and discreetly re-engineer them anew to unimaginable standards.  

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In a perfectly executed interpretation of contemporary nostalgia the Milivié team have pushed the envelope of restomod into a new area, executing a vehicle that challenges and delights on every level. A car of the people evolved into a pinnacle automotive experience.  

The Milivié 1 is a unique celebration of the world’s most loved vehicle. The intensely detailed vehicle delivers a fusion of everything the analogue driver desires blended with effortless integration of cutting-edge technology.  

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The Milivié 1 starts from a hand-selected donor 1303 model. Sourced by the Milivié team this vehicle provides a base for total evolution, with over a thousand hours of craftsmanship and engineering in each build – resulting in a car that shares little other than the metal monocoque section of body and the floorboards with the donor.  Even these components are vastly modified from the original car.


No element of the concept has been sacrificed in the development of a driving feel that is tactile, active and agile – whilst every single component has been enhanced with a spec list that rivals the ultimate performance classic. The chassis is enhanced to be an air-cooled autophile’s nirvana. The 2.28L flat four powertrain is precision-built for each car, tuned to the specific car’s use case and eventual environment. The Carrera 2-sourced ZF 4HP transmission is totally reworked to deliver the engaging, thrilling drive that will be the car’s signature.


The body, at first glance seemingly unchanged, is elegantly and artfully crafted to produce a smoother, more contemporary silhouette that combines shared DNA with a unique stance. The interior echoes familiarity but welcomes modernity. This is a car that is endlessly absorbing in detail and thinking.     


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About Milivié

“I have always had a passion for the lines and symmetry of iconic classic cars. This blends with a fascination for contemporary technology and user interface. Milivié is the opportunity to take iconic cars and finalise their evolution into a modern-day classic. We aren’t here for reinvention, or re-imagining or even restomod. Our thesis is based around what would the original manufacturer do today to retain all of the iconic identity – the DNA – of the car that made it so well loved yet combine it with the best technology available? We are a company that believes in the joy of driving, combining the feel of a classic with the most contemporary systems to create the best experience possible. The Milivié 1 is our first evocation, and we’re incredibly proud to create a final evolution of car that has been driven and loved by millions around the world”.

Jonathan Engler, Founder

In creating a car that is not only approachable in style but exclusive in every single detail the Milivié team looked back not only to the donor vehicle’s extensive DNA, but also to wider evocation from air-cooled classics.


Complimenting their evolution study references were drawn to pay homage to early Porsche designs, enabling them to respect and embrace the design vision of the car’s original creator – Ferdinand Porsche. The execution of painstaking design and artfully considered evolution delivers an initial silhouette that seems immediately familiar, whilst the detail intrigues and draws in the passionate driver for closer inspection.  

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